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my book about marketing adaptations on the Internet - the book cover Businesses in India have started factoring the Internet into their marketing efforts, and the day is not far away when most of their traditional business - in some cases, all of it - will be converted to ebusiness. then is a guide to adapting the traditional marketing gameplan to the Internet, and covers the elements of marketing, viz, branding, advertising, promotion and market research, and other related areas.

The book is relevant to Indian managers through local case studies, and insights from, and in-depth interviews with, pioneers who roadmapped India on the Internet. (click here for larger image of book cover) was published by BPB Publications and released in December 1999 by B V Jagadeesh (Chief Technology Officer, Exodus Communications). The foreword is by the late Dewang Mehta, President, NASSCOM.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - History of the Cyberworld
The what, who, where, why and how of the Internet, and a close look at the Indian Internet scenario.

Chapter 2 - Businesses on the Internet
How businesses can benefit by using the features of the Internet, along with the pros and cons of using the Net.

Chapter 3 - Marketing Vs eMarketing
A comparison of traditional and Internet marketing, and adapting the famous four Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) to the Internet.

Chapter 4 - The Internet Marketing Plan
Covers the elements of an Internet Marketing Plan along with a plan developed for a liquor company - Stoned Ltd.

Chapter 5 - Creating an Online Presence
Debunks common myths commonly thrown around in companies, and explains the lifecycle of a website.

Chapter 6 - Cyber Branding
Explains the role of look and feel, content, domain names, experience and advertising in building a brand on the Internet.

Chapter 7 - Internet Advertising
Compares traditional advertising with Internet advertising, covers the different types of advertising on the Internet, demystifies jargon, and offers a handy guide to advertising on Indian sites.

Chapter 8 - Website Promotion
The various methods of promoting an Internet presence, both online and offline, and a look at how and - two epromotion sites have left their mark on Indian fingertips.

Chapter 9 - Search Engines & Ebiz
Why search engines are an important marketing tool for your ebusiness, with tips on making your website search engine-friendly.

Chapter 10 - Market Research on the Internet
A very important tool of marketing, market research is as important online - a how-to guide to conducting market research online: both primary and secondary.
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